Bet on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest, most popular sporting event in the United States. More people bet on the Super Bowl than any other event in the US. Typically played in warm locations or domes due to it being played in later January/early February. “Super Bowl Sunday” is called that because it’s always played on a Sunday (the day the bulk of the NFL’s games are on throughout the year). The Super Bowl was first played on January 15th, 1967 in Los Angeles Coliseum with the Green Bay Packers beating the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on sporting events around, and gives you multiple options of ways to bet on the game- even allowing you to bet on the length of the Star Spangled Banner!

Interesting Facts on the Super Bowl

In 1985, the San Francisco 49ers played the Super Bowl in Palo Alto, CA- and the crime in San Francisco dropped 75%
Originally a Super Bowl ad was sold for about $85,000 per minute, and now a Super Bowl ad is sold for about $2 million per minute
Miami has hosted the most Super Bowls at 10
Pittsburgh has won the most Super Bowls at 6
Minnesota, Buffalo and Denver have the most Super Bowl losses at 4, with Buffalo losing 4 times in a row
Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, and Tony Dungy have all won Super Bowls as both coaches and players
1 in ever 3 sports fans will bet on the Super Bowl.

Types of Bets on the Super Bowl

Think of something to bet on for the Super Bowl, and you’re most likely able to bet it somewhere. You can bet on the coin flip (whether it’ll be heads or tails), who will score the first touchdown, if the first play will be a pass or a run, what the first turnover of the game will be, and so much more. Of course the most popular bets are straight bets, parlays, and over/under bets. But if you’re looking for a way to go for the big money betting on the Super Bowl, you can always go with a parlay. Parlays will combine multiple bets on the game and give you great odds if you hit. When you bet on the Super Bowl, you also have the option of betting props- with both game props and player props that are available. Also, if it’s not quite football season, but you really can’t wait to bet on the Super Bowl; you can do a futures bet on who you think will take down the next Super Bowl, and get great odds on it!

Betting Tips on the Super Bowl

The first thing you’ll notice, is that there’s an incredible amount of things to bet on; so don’t let it overwhelm you. The best betting tip for when you bet on the Super Bowl, is to look through ALL of the player props. Those player props will give you some very good things to bet on, as well as the game props. Of course it’s your call, but most betters tend to lean away from betting on the bets like “length of the singing of the Star Spangled Banner”, and “Will the coin flip be heads or tails?”- mainly because those are tough to really base stats off of. You literally have almost anything to bet on when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, and could very well have things to bet on from before the game even starts, until after the game is over. Another tip for when you bet on the Super Bowl, is to go with the smart pick on the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player. The sportsbooks seem to have a good handle on who should win the MVP award, so don’t take too much of an outside shot while betting on that.

Where To Bet on the Super Bowl

Regardless of whether or not you’re a big time better, or just enjoy a little action on a big game- if you bet on the Super Bowl, it’ll make the game that much more exciting. So get out there and make some bets on the biggest game of them all.